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Very high resolution RIXS excited by ultrashort x-ray pulses [European XFEL, Hamburg]

hRIXS, or Heisenberg IXS, is an instrument for the European XFEL in Hamburg. The design started in 2013 and has explored several innovative optical layouts enabling the possibility of performing RIXS also in the pump-probe mode. The optical design is now complete nd the mechanics is now being designed in collaboration with XFEL (Hamburg), the DESY synchrotron (Hamburg) and the Helmoltz Zentrum Berlin. From 2018 hRIXS will be the only instrument worldwide for the measurement of very high resolution RIXS spectra excited by ultra intense and ultra short (20 fs) soft x-ray pulses- 
Here are some possible project titles:

  • Non-linear processes with x-ray beams at the L resonances of 3d transition metals
  • A polarimeter for soft x-rays dedicated to the hRIXS spectrometer