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The Department's research activities are also conducted in Experimental Laboratories equipped with specialized equipment and technologies. These laboratories combine theoretical research with a practical approach made up of study, design and prototyping through the knowledge and use of the instrumentation with which they are equipped.


Ultrashort light pulse generation and applications to the study of ultrafast phenomena in the matter

The research activity concerns the development of new laser sources for the generation of ultrashort pulses (in the femtosecond domain) and their application to the study of dynamic processes in materials.


Solid state lasers and photonic devices

Development of solid state lasers and integrated photonic devices for application to environmental monitoring, telecommunications and coherent control of light


Photonics for health, food and cultural heritage

Development of new methods and innovative techniques based on photonics and mainly aimed at non-invasive diagnostic applications in several areas, including biomedical, agri-food and cultural heritage.


Epitaxial growth and nanostructure fabrication

Focused on the growth of nanostructured artificial materials and fabrication and characterization of semiconductor thin films for microelectronic and optoelectronic applications


Electronic, optical and magnetic properties of low-dimensional systems

Study of foundamental electronic and magnetic properties of solids with electron spectroscopy and to the development of new experimental methods in that field.