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In the Leonardo Campus Library (BCL) of the Politecnico, are collected texts of classical and modern physics as well as texts, journals and collections concerning research areas maintained by the Department: Quantum Electronics, linear and nonlinear optics, Physics of lasers and their applications, Physics solid-state physics of surfaces, Physics of positronium, Electronics (components, circuits and systems - equipment and measures - technologies), Computational Fluid Dynamics, for a total of about 5,500 volumes and 155 journals including 70 in the current subscription.
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Archivio Gallone

The Archivio Gallone hosted at the Dipartimento di Fisica at the Politecnico di Milano, and comprises over 30 years’ work undertaken by dott.ssa Antonietta Gallone-Galassi.
This immense collection contains seminal work in the application of physiochemical methods for the analysis of samples from works of art, which has been carried out with the aim of providing information regarding artists’ materials and techniques. Thus, the archive is a testament to the condition and composition of works of art, and in some cases comprises significant examples of the evolution of working practices of a particular artist. On the basis of the survey's results, it has been possible to address various art historical issues related to chronology and technique, and in some instances, even the attribution of a particular work to a specific artist. The intense scientific analysis of samples is accompanied by over 600 written reports, each of which presents the results and conclusions of analysis, along with images and, in many cases, significant graphs and tables.
Among the various analytical techniques employed for the characterisation of samples are optical microscopy (with observation at various wavelengths) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) which have been combined with histochemical tests on samples, staining tests, X-ray fluorescence stratigraphic analysis (SEM-EDS), X diffraction analysis, UV micro-spectrum fluorimetric stratigraphic analysis.


Calibration Lab.

The Low Pressure Sector for calibration of vacuum gauges and barometers has been developed in order to meet the need of the industry world to perform calibrations, made by comparison, of pressure gauges which operate around or below atmospheric pressure.

The laboratory, which originates within a university research context, has been designed and realized thanks to the technical and scientific expertise of the Surface Group at the Department of Physics, with its pioneering experience in the field of electron spectroscopies from solid surfaces.

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