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SiGe heterostructures: growth, characterization and device fabrication

The research activity of the Silicon-Germanium Epitaxy Group is focused on exploiting the unique properties of the SiGe material system (CMOS compatibility, strain and bandgap engineering) for the development of novel devices or the study of novel Physical phenomena. 
Our main areas of expertise include:

  • Epitaxial deposition of SiGe heterostructures;
  • Structural characterization by means of High-Resolution X-Ray Diffraction, Atomic Froce Microscopy and Scanning Electron Micorscopy;
  • Electrical characterization (Hall effect, magnetoresistance, Schottky barrier and contact resistance measurements) also at cryogenic temperatures;
  • Micro-fabrication by means of UV-lithography, wet and dry etching, metal deposition;
  • Photo-current measurements;
  • Modelling of the electrical and optical properties of SiGe heterostructures by means of the Nextnano and Nextnano++ software packages.

Our current research interests include:

  • Application of SiGe heterostructures to silicon based photonics for waveguiding, detection, intensity and phase modulation.
  • Spin generation and transport in SiGe heterostructures
  • Heavilly doped Ge and Ge quantum wells for mid-infrared sensing
  • Single photon avalanche diodes based on 3D Ge epilayers.

Detailed  descriptions of the thesis activities are attached here below.

For any further information please contact giovanni.isella@polimi.it