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Innovative Fourier-Transform Spectrometers and Hyperspectral Cameras


Goal: Development of top-notch spectroscopic instrumentation and their application to the study of ultrafast processes of biomolecules and nanostructures.
Keywords: Fourier-transform spectroscopy, ultrafast optics, femtosecond lasers, time-resolved fluorescence, hyperspectral imaging, interferometers, light detection, 3-D modelling and prototyping, photonics integration.
Why should you apply? You will have a unique opportunity to work:
(1) For NIREOS (http://www.nireos.com), an innovative start-up company and an official spin-off of POLIMI, incubated in PoliHUB (www.polihub.it, ranked third university incubator worldwide). NIREOS designs, produces and sells innovative spectroscopic devices: ultra-stable interferometers, broadband spectrometers and hyperspectral cameras. You will have the chance to learn not only scientific and technological skills in photonics but also teamwork, business models, prototyping, relationships with clients and suppliers, project management…
(2) In close collaboration with a top-notch research lab, under the supervision of Prof. Giulio Cerullo and Prof. Dario Polli (http://polli.faculty.polimi.it/), internationally renowned for their studies on femtosecond excited-state dynamics of molecules using ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy, on coherent Raman spectroscopy and microscopy and on ultrashort laser pulse generation; 
(3) In the framework of a collaborative H2020 research project with six European partners (4M€ budget).
See an example of the use of our interferometer for fluorescence applications: https://youtu.be/oTNj88sDFvU
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Contact us for an informal chat: you will discover which role in the company you could have and the particular subject for your thesis work.