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Development of the first Ge drift detectors for high-resolution spectroscopy of hard X-rays [DEIB]

The activity concerns the experimental study of the first prototypes of Germanium Drift Detectors in planar technology. In fact, germanium is a natural candidate for drift topologies given the superior qualities of carrier transport and high-quality fabrication capability. The availability of a new generation of germanium drift detectors will open to high-performance spectroscopy in the range of hard X-rays (e.g. 20-100 keV) and in the detection of events at ultra-low noise with Ge detectors.  

The candidate will contribute to the development of the experimental apparatus and to the qualification of the first Ge-DD prototypes in the lab. The detector will operate in cryogenic conditions and the first tests will be carried out with different techniques to understand the transport of the generated carriers and of the expected performances.

Info: Prof. A.Castoldi, Dip. Elettronica Informazione e Bioingengneria (andrea.castoldi@polimi.it)