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Using Kelvin probe technique for sample immersed in liquids [CNST-IIT]

New-generation devices and sensors, generally built-up with organic compounds, exploit the charge transfer exchange by ion transport. Consequently, an in-situ and real time characterization should be performed with the sample immersed inside a liquid environment. This fact precludes the application of many techniques. Interestingly, contact-potential-difference (CPD) measures [Kelvin probe (KP) apparatus, see the image above] can in principle be performed even with the sample immersed inside a liquid. The operando configuration requires different precautions and it has never been tested on a working device.
In this master thesis project, we propose to modify a commercial KP set-up in view of applications in liquids (liquid-KP). In particular, after the calibration of the new experimental apparatus, liquid-KP will be used for the characterization of real devices and sensors.